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Dermot Madden

If there were someone who can be on the top of the list of influential people of the decade for the citizen category, Dermot Madden would be in the top half of it. There is a huge demand for books that want to give motivation and ideas to bring a change in the world but only through the things that are available and easy for them. Dermot Madden may be one of the upcoming authors to look out for, but with his debut book, he has already made his mark.

The author is no stranger to what is happening around the most outskirts area in the United States of America where people are struggling with poverty and house maintenance. This problem has been there from ages and it just get worse.

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The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

Dermot’s Book

The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

As there are many people that are looking to make an impact in their country, this book will tie perfectly with that notion.

Why Read It?

The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

Dermot Madden has a firm belief that good can still come to the land of opportunities. Things like poverty could be ended, street children could be saved, and taxes could be reduced too.


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