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The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden is written to make a difference in people’s lives. The moment anyone sees that, a writer has written a book for that purpose and it is addressing the current situation of the country, people are going to wonder what is next. There are a lot of news and updates already regarding the growing problems of the country, and people are just talking about it. However, now, all of a sudden, an ordinary citizen is coming forward to bring his opinion to the public, which could be the best opinion of them all.

Turning the spotlight toward the marvelous book of Dermot Madden, it will address all the current issues that citizens face when it comes to their livelihood. Every individual is concerned with what he or she wants in life and if it is being compromised, then they will look to move on somewhere else, and the country is going to get affected. It is a normal step for an individual because they want to survive with a family and live a life that is not going to kill them every day when they wake up. Hence, the author wants to tell the people that there are ways that they can make a difference and it starts from their homes. While being a part of the biggest part of being involved in an individual’s life, Dermot Madden saw that something was wrong and that people were going to be suffering in the future



Have a look at some of the chapters in the book to get an idea on what the book’s theme is and why it is going to interesting to the readers.

Dermot’s Book

The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

As there are many people that are looking to make an impact in their country, this book will tie perfectly with that notion.

Why Read It?

The Maverick Plan for America by Dermot Madden

Dermot Madden has a firm belief that good can still come to the land of opportunities. Things like poverty could be ended, street children could be saved, and taxes could be reduced too.


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